Buying gold is a serious matter, as the cost of precious metals is relatively high and such acquisitions are not made every day. Where is the best place to buy gold? The answer to this question depends on the purpose of your acquisition. You can buy jewelry for yourself or as a gift, invest in a gold bar or a collection coin. For jewelry, you need to go to a jewelry store or salon, for coins or bullion – to the bank. How to find the best deal with the maximum benefit for you?

We buy jewelry

When buying a ring, a pair of earrings or a chain, many try to save money, but you still should not go shopping for a dubious place. Where can I buy gold in the form of jewelry cheaper than in a regular jewelry store? Pay attention to the following options. You can buy a gold product at the lowest price at a Scottish Bullion Glasgow. Many pawn and do not buy really good jewelry. Buying at a Scottish Bullion Glasgow has a couple more advantages. Here you can find antique jewelry at a reasonable price, often Scottish Bullion Glasgow’s hold auctions, selling their stores. For those who want to make an exclusive new jewelry at a Scottish Bullion Glasgow, you can buy gold scrap suitable for recycling. In jewelry stores, gold and other precious metals are relatively expensive due to the organization’s trade margin. If you want to buy jewelry at a lower price, visit the shops at jewelry factories or factories. In such institutions, the cost of the ring will be much lower than its price tag in the cabin, as the manufacturer does not make any markups. today gold rate in UK than usual in jewelry chains – wait for the sale season. Many large stores sell old collections at affordable prices. If for you in the first place the quality of the alloy from which the jewelry is made, and not its belonging to fashion collections, then such a purchase will be the most optimal solution for you. Another option where you can buy fairly cheap gold is Turkey, Egypt, and Tunisia. But here you must be very careful. Vendors often offer tourists fakes or base gold. At one time, Turkish jewelry was very popular, everyone visiting Turkey, sought to bring several products for themselves and for relatives. In fact, it turned out that the material of rings and bracelets had nothing to do with gold or that the precious metal corresponded to the UK 375 sample. The situation is complicated by the fact that another system of samples is used abroad – a numerical value in carats is put on the products. Fakes can be found even in large jewelry stores, so tourists need to ask for certificates, carefully study the markings and, if the authenticity of the jewelry is in doubt, refuse to buy.

Purchase of bullion and coins

For the purchase of gold bullion and coins, you must contact the bank. Any individual in any commercial bank that carries out gold purchase and sale transactions can purchase precious metals in this form. The cost of the ingot will be determined by the price of 1 gram of precious metal. When investing in bullion it is necessary to understand that gold quotes are determined by the London Stock Exchange, on the basis of this fixing, the Central Bank of the UK Federation sets the discount price for precious metals, and commercial banks offer their purchase and sale prices based on these indicators. Gold bars must comply with state standards. GOST differs depending on the type of ingots: one standard acts on measured ingots weighing from 1 to 1000 g, on another standard ingots from 11.3 to 13.3 kg. If the product does not meet the GOST parameters, it is sent back to the refinery for remelting. Each ingot has a brand of the manufacturer and its own number, according to these values ​​you can easily track their path. Bars of foreign refineries cannot be bought in the UK Federation, the reason for this is very high duties. Control over the sale of precious metals by banks means that the answer to the question of where to buy high-quality gold is unequivocal: in the bank in the form of ingots. But the acquisition of bullion of yellow metal carries a number of problems for a novice investor. When buying a product, you will also have to pay VAT, which significantly increases the cost of the ingot. If you sell it back to the bank, you will not receive the tax amount back. It is important to organize the correct storage of the ingots, such bank services will also provide you with additional costs. Investment coins made of precious metals have a number of features. Coins themselves, in addition to the cost of precious metals, carry historical or collection value. Selling a purchased coin over the years can turn into a serious problem finding a buyer.
The spread, that is, the difference between the buying and selling rates, fixed by the bank, can completely “eat” all the profit accumulated due to the growth of precious metal quotes. In recent years, many people prefer to bullion investing money in depersonalized metal accounts. Now the opening of such an account is in the list of services of any major bank. Having made a purchase, you will not receive metal in physical form: a metal account will be opened in your name on which a certain mass of gold in grams will be registered. MHI has several advantages. Gold on the account does not require storage costs, there are no additional costs on your part to complete the storage agreement with the bank. The liquidity of the metal account is quite high, you can close it and get the amount of money put to you in the bank. Many banks accrue interest on the amount of mandatory medical insurance, so you can get additional profit on gold in the form of a metal account that does not depend on quotations for precious metals. Where can I buy gold in a bank cheaply? All commercial banks are guided by the discount prices of the Central Bank of the UK Federation, but the purchase and sale prices may differ both between the credit organizations themselves and between the branches of one bank. Before investing your savings in gold, it is recommended to study the offers of large reliable banks and choose the best option.

Gold buying procedure

Banks sell gold bullion and precious metal in anonymous form. The favorite among operating banks in UK is Sberbank, other banking institutions also offer gold on favorable terms. To make a purchase of gold an individual must present a passport. This requirement is mandatory both when registering the gold purchase procedure, and in a situation where you want to receive bullion on hand. Banks offer their customers bullion weighing from 1 gram, the minimum metal size for opening an impersonal account is set at 0.1 grams. A feature of the “gold” deposit on a metal account is its absence in the system of compulsory deposit insurance. MHIs are becoming more popular among the population, even taking into account this disadvantage. When deciding where to buy anonymous gold, try to take into account the reliability and reputation of the bank. If you revoke a license from a credit institution or start bankruptcy proceedings, you risk losing your savings. In any bank, 22K gold rate 34.13. The difference in price will be visible when buying ingots of different weights: the larger the mass of the ingot, the lower the price per gram of precious metal. It is unprofitable for individuals to buy large bullions because it will be problematic to sell them to the bank: the bank prefers to purchase small billions from the population since they are more in demand in the precious metals market. According to UK law, an ingot purchase and sale transaction must take place under certain conditions: the bank must have high-precision equipment for measuring the weight of the metal, a certified storage facility, as well as qualified personnel. When buying an ingot, it is inspected and weighed, with mandatory verification of the results obtained with certificate data. All operations are carried out in the presence of the client. The transaction itself is formalized by drawing up an act of acceptance and transfer and the formation of cash documents. Also, the buyer receives a certificate in his hands, which must be maintained throughout the entire period of ownership of the ingot. The document must be presented to the bank when selling gold, if the certificate is missing, the institution will simply refuse the transaction. Where is the best place to buy real gold? High-quality metal in the form of jewelry or an ingot can be purchased only in a reliable and trusted institution. For jewelry it is best to go to the store at the factory or to a large jewelry chain during the sale. Contacting Scottish Bullion Glasgows with a dubious reputation or buying gold during summer holidays abroad is not recommended. Bank gold in the form of bullion or investment coins can only be bought at the bank since items bought with hands and not having certificates can be fake. Among banks, preference should be given to large players in the financial sector, who sell and buy bullion, as well as open depersonalized metal accounts.

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