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Security of Orders!

We take protecting your account information seriously!

We currently offer two ways to order products: online secured credit card transactions or US mail with a check, credit card information or money order included.

We utilize PayPal to provide the most secure shopping environment possible.  PayPal is owned and operated by Ebay, the largest on-line auction site in the world.  Their server provides a secure, encrypted online transaction so your personal information is guaranteed private and secure.

We do not keep credit card information on file to ensure the security of your information.

"I'm having a problem adding items to my cart. What should I do?"

Please set your browser to enable "cookies." Cookies are tiny files that enable your computer to remember what products you have placed in your shopping cart. We do not collect any personally identifiable information about your shopping habits on our site.   If you still have a problem, please call us and we can help you.  If you are having a problem then we need to know so we can fix it.  This helps us to better maintain the site.

Customer Service:

No matter how sophisticated or impersonal the technology, We sincerely appreciates all of our customers. Our vision is to offer the most honest, dependable customer service in the marketplace.

 If you need to speak with us please e-mail us at


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